Thoughts on Anonymous

Mostly everyone has heard of the cyber supergroup called Anonymous. Like me, I’m assuming that a lot of people just think they’re just some group of hackers. After gaining some insight on them, I’ve learned that Anonymous is much more than that. They actually have quite a fascinating story that I highly encourage everyone to watch. If you’d like, this documentary gives an in-depth analysis of their upbringing.


While their main message is mostly ‘for the people’, there have been instances where a few members have strayed from the path. One instance in particular was when a group from Anonymous took down the Playstation Network. I remember being in my Call of Duty: Black Ops phase on the brink of finally closing in on the max prestige when the servers went down. And they stayed down for quite some time. My teenage self was mortified. The thing I didn’t realize though, was that Anonymous didn’t only shut down the Playstation servers. No, they also stole every user’s account information. If there’s a bright side to look on from this situation, this doesn’t happen very often.

Anonymous actually isn’t something people should be afraid of. It appears to me that the main message they try to send is mostly positive. They have a huge backing with people that possess a lot of technological skills that are intended for good. A common theme I’ve seen from them is mostly exposing higher-ups in the world that are abusing their power and in turn, cyber attacking those people until they have no choice but to stop. Sure, most of the times the law is broken in order to get justice, but if the law is in the way of justice, then maybe something needs to be changed.


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