Content is King

Marketing is probably the most important aspect one should focus on if they’re looking to get their name out there. Marketing only goes so far if you don’t have the content to interest the target market, though. If you’re in a band and don’t have any music to put out, chances are slim that you’ll gain much, if any, of a following. If you’re a photographer looking to get a job, but you don’t have any photos to provide a potential employer, you probably won’t get that gig.

The question one could ask is this: what if I’m a musician and don’t have the money to record a high quality recording? Will a rough sounding demo be fine? While there could be quite a bit of debate here, my response is every band/musician has to start somewhere. In my opinion, having a demo is better than having nothing. The same can go for anyone starting in a field where having content is essential (i.e. blogs, websites, videography, etc.).

bill gates

Bill Gates on why ‘Content is King’

The beauty of the digital age we live in, is that creating, sharing, and distributing new content is becoming increasingly easier/cheaper. You can buy professional recording, editing, and video software for a few hundred bucks. There are also hundreds of thousands of YouTube tutorials to help you learn these softwares. When you think about it, there’s really no excuse for why you can’t create/publish your content nowadays.

Jonathan Perelman on Content and Distribution



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