Digital Literacy Matters

Digital literacy is becoming an extremely important aspect with the Internet surge of the 21st century. Massive amounts of jobs and schools are beginning to demand a certain degree of digital literacy. Traditional businesses that used to be able to make it solely on paperwork simply can’t keep up with how fast our world moves.


The Internet holds a sea of information and all of the knowledge one could ever dream of having. That being said, finding credible information can sometimes be hard. This is where having an understanding of digital literacy comes into play. Terry Heick (writer at TeachThought) has a good article explaining the skill of being “digitally literate” that you can read here.

For me, I’m going into the field of audio production and engineering. For those that don’t exactly know what that field entails, it requires an enormous amount of digital literacy. I need to know how multiple DAWs (digital audio workstations) work. I need to know the concept of signal flow when running a recording session. I need to be able to troubleshoot problems if something during the analog to digital (digitization) process isn’t functioning properly. I could go on and on. And that’s just the audio side of things. I have to also have a pretty extensive understanding of how and why computers work the way they do. In addition, it’s vital that I maintain a professional/respectful profile online. This is an important skill in general to have.


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