Connecting With Fans

While many people think that the Internet has been rapidly killing the music industry in terms of the actual artist, I don’t believe that things are as bad as they seem. Sure, things have changed immensely in the last 20 years with the increasing popularity of the Internet, but that just means we have to adapt. For artists today, connecting directly with their fans is highly encouraged because they can’t rely solely on record sales anymore. People nowadays seem to need more of an incentive to give money to their favorite artists due to the fact that everything can be streamed for free online. There are more ways than one might think for artists to reach out to their fans.


Social media sites like FacebookInstagram, and Twitter have recently implemented the “Live Video” feature, which is especially beneficial for artists. One artist in particular that has caught my attention is John Mayer. At least once a week, he goes live on Instagram and basically just jams out and responds to comments. I personally think that’s really cool, considering how big/successful his career has been and continues to be. He cares about his fans and wants to interact with them. Personally, I gain a lot of respect for musicians who do this. You can watch one of his Instagram Live videos here.

There are tons of sites out there that are completely dedicated to musicians looking to connect with old and new fans. Sites like Topspin Media and Bandcamp are all good examples of this. Artists are able to sign up to these sites for free and provide almost all of the creative services one could need such as: Monthly subscriptions, newsletters, merchandise, music, special bundles, free stuff, etc.. This is the kind of stuff that people seem to like to support (and for good reason). When artists give back to the community, people notice.



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